Highlights from a hundred medium blog posts

Maximilian Rehn
2 min readMar 25, 2022
Book and pencil

In no particular order here are some highlights that might be a good starting place for any reader of this blog.

  1. A brief analysis of Thus spoke Zarathustra by Nietzsche
  2. Five years worth of book recommendations
    I read a lot —here is a heavily filtered list of the best books I’ve read recently.
  3. Insights from the Discover-Defend axis
    Simple idea on how to communicate and function optimally with others.
  4. Thought should be a subject in school
    More about the inner world that is worthy of our attention in school.
  5. Reliance on Authority, by Isaac Asimov
    Outtake from Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series that describes a society in stagnation.
  6. Don’t drive through life with the breaks on
    Motivation for doing things while you are alive.
  7. We need to understand the source code of the universe better
    Since the advent of nuclear weapons, we are on a doomsday clock. To meet this new risk we need to spread out into the stars — that means breaking the Einsteinian speed limit.
  8. Communicating without wasting energy
    Why clear communication is important.
  9. Surround yourself with beauty
    Aesthetically pleasing environments inspire you.
  10. Freedom of information and people is good for humanity
    A simple prism through which you can look at modern information society.
  11. We will forget this moment
    How a memory never can compare with the richness of the present.
  12. Don’t have expectations on your creativity
    Creativity is whatever you make of it — don’t expect it to be something and it’ll reveal itself to you.
  13. Why not having free will is a good thing
    Lack of free will can inspire you to be more understanding of yourself and others.
  14. Main reason why quarantine is bad
    Written in the middle of Covid-19 on the effects of isolation.
  15. You can learn almost anything in under 20 hours
    Also called the 20-hour rule. During which the learning curve is very steep.

Some bonus posts, purely by maximum views — they are probably favored by the search engines (~500 views each):

  1. The meaning of the song “You want it darker” by Leonard Cohen.
  2. Do or Do not — there is no Try.
  3. Dopamine and the Stock Market.

Thanks for reading.



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