We need to understand physics and the source code of the universe better

Maximilian Rehn
2 min readMar 1, 2022


  1. We are now gods but for the wisdom.
  2. We have the power of nuclear weapons and genetic engineering at our fingertips.
  3. History shows we are prone to madness and war. That means wielding this immense destructive power is risky because one mistake can end life as we know it. The picture below visualizes risk over time even if the risk itself annually is low:
Chart by @MaxCRoser on twitter.

5. To deal with this risk long-term, we need to increase our wisdom or spread our risks to more than one planet that sustains life.

6. Increasing our wisdom is possible but very difficult considering human history and how much our power has increased lately.

7. To spread our risks realistically humanity needs to spread to several planets. Not only a colony on Mars — rather we need several planets.

8. The best way to secure a future like this among the stars seems to be to figure out whether or not the Einstein speed limit can be broken — and that requires a better understanding of physics.

9. Ultimately we need to understand the source code of the universe. We need to try doing this with much more focus. This needs to be stated as a goal for our society, and more resources should be moved to the realm of theoretical physics.

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Source: Eric Weinstein



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