Runescape bots IRL using ChatGPT-like tech

Maximilian Rehn
2 min readMay 22, 2023

Botting was fun in Runescape. Having 10 different bots running your mining operation 24/7 was a good way to gain experience and money. Next, can we start doing this IRL?

In practice, I think it’ll be hard to trust these bots to do everything. The reality is more like you have 1 person overseeing 10–10000 bots and intervening whenever something goes wrong or doesn’t work as expected. This is also similar to how early bots worked in Runescape where they would experience bugs, log out, or any other issues that needed human intervention to fix and reset.


  1. Service operator bot

Have your bot running a service company. Customers can email or chat about booking a service like cleaning, massage, construction — anything.

Whenever a service request is received the bot will run a query online looking for service providers in that area. Contact them asking for prices and then connect service provider & customer with some % profit margin.

Repeat infinitely.

2. Blockchain airdrop hunting bot

New tokens and blockchains often offer rewards to early adopters in the form of airdrops. You could program a bot to find and execute smart-contracts to receive these airdrops.

Repeat infinitely.

3. NFT artist bot

Have a bot generating art and minting them as NFTs. Simultaneously you can have a bot marketing these NFTs online on Twitter and other forums.

Repeat infinitely.

4. Language Translation bot

Find people online looking for translation services and contact these people and execute the translation using LLM.

What other types of bots could be created using LLMs?

Thanks for reading.

TOPIO, a humanoid robot, played ping pong at Tokyo International Robot Exhibition (IREX) 2009.[103][104]



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