A society asleep is a ticking time bomb — even when it is good & moral

  1. Humans can in often be described as in a state of sleep — even when awake. This state of hypnotic sleep is where one is bound in a constant inner monologue and losing oneself in heavy energy states. It is a loss of awareness.
  2. In contrast to an awakened state — an awakened state means one does not engage heavy energy but rather is able to let it pass. It is more centered and more aware.
  3. In this forementioned state of sleep, people do not rely on their own authority. Rather they often behave to please others, their ego or their fleeting emotions — and therefore rely on thought and schemes to optimize behavior.
  4. We’ve constructed a society where most people still act in a good & moral way — even when they are asleep in this way. However, that is superficious and does not imply any spiritual development nor awareness.
  5. The risk here is that without real spiritual development or awareness the automatic behavior of those asleep can be programmed. Mass psychosis is more likely to happen and things like World Wars, populistic leadership or whatever nonsense the Internet comes up with next can easily infect the minds of anyone asleep.
  6. It is similar to dictatorships: an easy, efficient way to run a nation state — until you get a dictator that is not working in the people’s interests.
    With people asleep: an easy, efficient way to have people behaving good & morally — until you are faced with deeper issues that requires strong people that are spiritually developed and trust their own authority.
  7. If you have people asleep acting good & morally you really don’t have genuine strong human beings that can face whatever situation big or small in a constructive way. This is an issue that affects all layers of society — from the smallest interaction in a coffee shop to the largest negotiation in meeting rooms. People unaware of how they and others function will inevitably cause harm along their path in life. Thus, it is crucial to awake people from this sleeping state.
  8. What awakening truly means is a multifacted question that has many answers. I think it best for each and everyone to themselves find out what this means — but a good starting point is to take care of your body and mind: eat well, exercise and rest. Additionally, understand that you don’t have to engage the energy states your mind wants you to engage — it is possible to “take a step back” and view things from a more open awareness.

Thanks for reading.



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